The importance of sleep

A friend asked me about the importance of sleep and what I thought about it.  I had this article tucked away on it, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to write it up as a post.  So it can be there for anyone to read.

There are a few things linked to amazing health.  Optimal nutrition of course, fresh air, movement, love, and great sleep.  In fact, improving the quality of your sleep will significantly improve all aspects of your health.

Sleep is often the only time our bodies are able to access a part of our nervous system responsible for rest and repair.

Sleep is critical for skin regeneration, immunity, hair growth, nail growth and all other non-vital processes the body will not prioritize during the day, particularly when under constant stress.

Often forgotten but crucial to the deep sleep is the minimization of caffeine.  It can take the body up to eight hours to clear caffeine – So think about how many coffees, tea, colas and/or energy drinks you consume per day.

Breath is one of the essential factors in regulating the balance of your nervous system.  Long slow belly breathing expands the muscles in your diaphragm, stimulating the relaxation response.  Try focusing on your breath anytime you feel overwhelmed.  Or better still, create a regular breathing ritual to help keep your responses calm.

When we feel overwhelmed, planning tends to go out the window, but an organization is precisely what you need.  Relaxation needs to be scheduled just like any other appointment in your diary.  Set up a routine, such as turning the lights down low, soft music, avoiding any TV, and embracing a breathing ritual, and notice the difference in how rested you feel.


Hope you all got a little something out of that.

The Power of the Mind to do Exercise

Well, I have started back on with my exercise program.  I’ve been away from it more than a couple of months now, and then it was a hit and a miss affair.  Since I promoted doing exercises in my last post, I’ve motivated myself to get started again.

The Pain Barrier –

It’s always hard to start up again because you know you have to go through what I call the “Pain Barrier”.  Where most of your muscles are sore, hurting or aching a bit.  Which to me is why a lot of people stop doing it, because instead of feeling fit they are in all sorts of pain and stiffness.

But the power of the mind can keep those who stick it out and continue exercising, will take them through that “Pain Barrier” and start to feel the benefit of their workouts.  It is all worth it.  

Choose a Program –

There are many exercise programs you can choose from, just go online YouTube etc and you’ll find them.  Write up your own program if that suits you and stick with it for awhile.  You can always adjust as you get better.  To give you an idea it can take 6/8 weeks for your muscles to fully adjust to the new work you put on them.


Stretches –

Don’t forget to do your cooldown stretches after you finishing your exercising, once again there are many cooldown stretch programs on YouTube.

After you finish your session, had a shower, sitting down with cuppa you feel quite satisfied with yourself and glad you had made the effect.




And it’s a “Happy New Year” from me

Happy New Year everybody, and as always we all wish for a better Year this year.  Not that last year was all that bad, but we always look for improvement, by improving on what we did last year.  Maybe looking for a new challenge.  

It’s good to start the year with an open and fresh mind, knowing that we have a whole year of set activities to go through.



Hope you’ve all made a list of new year’s resolutions, and accept the challenge to carry them out.  As we all start off with good intentions, a few of our lists seem to drop off.

This is my List –

  • To do more regular exercises
  • Get back doing Tai Chi
  • Eat a bit healthier
  • Improve my “Post” writing
  • Drink more water
  • Work on a saving plan



My Niche is in Health and Fitness –

As you might know, my niche is in health and fitness.  So getting out of my comfort zone where I only did exercise when I could fit them in, which made it easy to let them go by.   I’m going to set a more regular programme and stick to it.

I tried on a pair of trousers the other day that I hadn’t worn for a while but they have seemed to have shrunk in the wardrobe!!!.  I don’t know if putting on an extra 4k’s has anything to do with it!!!.  So as you can see it is a must to get into a good exercise program.  

I checked out some programmes on YouTube, and as I have a bit of a sore shoulder I found this Stretching Exercise to be good.  It is very easy to follow, very straightforward and of great benefit.  As the guy in the Video says just start at your level and work up.  This might suit some of you, but there are many exercise and stretching program on YouTube to choose from.

I hope this has helped motivate you to get into it.  So we’ll all be Fit, Healthy, Fighting Machines in months to come.


Merry Xmas to All

Well, the silly season is here, make the most of it because it comes and goes.  So what if you eat a little bit more over the next few of weeks.  You’ve got all next year to work it off.  Enjoy yourself have a drink on me.  Let’s hope the weather holds off. Those going to family Dinners hope you have a good catch up.

And all the best for the coming New Year.  Hope you all have made some good resolutions.

I’ll make this my last Post for the year, see you in the New Year.


To finish off here’s a little something to think about.

Stiffening of your joints –

I read this article in a woman’s magazine the other day about suffering from stiff joints as we get older, and thought it to be very interesting.  So I would like to pass some of its content on to you.  

Getting up in the morning –

After you’ve been lying still for hours, the synovial fluid is less effective and, as a result, your joints are likely to feel stiff and sore the first time you try to move them.  Doing a few gentle exercises in bed (I think they mean stretches there) before you get up can help,

Your joints are suffering from wear and tear –

Over the years, joints can get worn down simply by being used.  This is known as osteoarthritis.  It occurs when the cartilage that stops bones rubbing together is worn away so that the bones end up touching each other, causing pain.  It can be worse if you have suffered an injury or are overweight.

Medication helps with pain and swelling, in severe cases, damage joint can be replaced.,


In case you been wondering

Hi all,

Just a quick Post to keep you up to speed.

I’ve been busy reorganizing my “Blog Site” and the way I send my “Posts”.  The plan is to make it easier to read my Posts and get to my Blog Site if you want to read previous Posts or just have a look around.

We all seem to have a busy life the older we get so hopefully this will make it quicker to get into.   

I’ve added some online shopping links to my Blog Site.  Maybe a bit late for some online sites for this Xmas but they are there for future shopping.

I see Amazon is operating in Australia now which will make it a bit cheaper to buy through them. But all Sites have their good and bad points, it’s all about what you’re looking for really.

Already my online shopping is starting to grow, it is very easy and exciting.  I’m very interested in some of the Sites I’ve visited.  They all have great selections, good choices for buying family presents, nick knacks for house and garden, etc.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Sites I’ve been looking at have been tried and tested by friends.  Who have been using some of them for a while, with no problem.

My latest buy is these casual shoes from eBay, their service was brilliant and no “Delivery Cost”.  I didn’t take notice how long the delivery was, but it was only around two weeks which was better than I expected.  They are very comfortable shoes and I’ve always liked slip ons,, I wear them everywhere now.

Hope you are all getting that Xmas tree up and getting into the Xmas spirit. Ho Ho Ho!!!


Water consumption – How much water do you drink?

How much water you drink a day will be governed by how much activity you do.  As we all do something different  It will vary for everyone.  There is no set rule.

I have read you should drink 8 glasses of water a day!!!  I’ve tried but it just seems all too much, and I can never drink that much, not with having cups of tea or coffee as well, it just makes me go to the toilet more often.

But I do drink as much as I can, generally around 4 glasses throughout the day.  Unless I’m doing some sort of activity then I’ll drink a bit more.  As it is good to help flush out your system.  I always start out when I first get up and have a good drink as this helps wake up your organs before you do anything else.

How Much Water?

At the end of the day, no one can tell you exactly how much water you need.

Do some self-experiments, some people may function better with more water than usual, while for others it only causes the inconvenience of more frequent trips to the bathroom.

If you want to keep things simple (always a good idea), then these guidelines should apply to 90% of people:

  1. When thirsty, drink.
  2. When not thirsty anymore, stop.
  3. During high heat and exercise, drink enough to compensate for the lost fluids.

The most important one may be during times of increased sweating. This includes exercise, as well as hot weather.

If you’re sweating a lot, make sure to replenish the lost fluid with water. Athletes doing very long, intense exercises may also need to replenish electrolytes along with water.

Most people don’t need to consciously think about water intake because the thirst mechanism in the brain is very effective. However, certain circumstances do call for increased intake.


I read this section below out of an article.

Does More Water Help Prevent Health Problems?

There are several health problems that may respond well to increased water intake:

  • Constipation: Increasing water intake can help with constipation, which is a very common problem.
  • Cancer: There are some studies showing that those who drink more water have a lower risk of bladder and colorectal cancer, although other studies find no effect.
  • Kidney stones: Increased water intake appears to decrease the risk of kidney stones.
  • Acne and skin hydration: There are a lot of anecdotal reports on the internet about water helping to hydrate the skin and reducing acne, but I didn’t find any studies to confirm or refute this.


Bye for now,  and if you haven’t been drinking water, now is a good time to start.


Spring Season – The waking up of Nature and putting a spring in your step

Spring –

It’s now nearly at the end of Spring in our neck of the woods.  Not that you would know going by the weather.  As I write this it is another wet day.  Being in Daylight saving we can see it a bit longer!!! Just a thought.

It’s been great to see all the blossoms on trees as you drive around the countryside, knowing summer is just around the corner.  The newborn animals in the paddocks.  The starlings have some chicks up in the birdhouse in the backyard, the parents are in and out with little bits of food in their mouths.

Even the weeds know it’s getting warmer as they dance around saying look at me.  These days for me it is getting down on a cushion to pull the blighters out.  I might try some spraying this year in some places.  

Just finished spring cleaning one of the gardens, pulling out weeds adding a little top dressing with some mulch.  Planted out a few plants that were growing in pots.  

Three fruit trees I planted a few months ago are all in buds, so they have taken off alright.

Getting into the Mood –

Now is also a good time to get into the mood of sharpening up those muscles and things.  To get ready for those BBQ parties and Dancing.  Also good for the spirit and mind.

Try something new, if you can’t go to a gym (can be a bit expensive) there are a few things you can do at home.  You can do a lot of exercises with a couple of dumbbells and a skipping rope.  

A walk or jog is always a good thing, starting with 10min and working up.  Even 40min walk three times a week can make a difference to you feeling great.


Tai Chi –

Also if you ever thought about doing Tai Chi, have a look at this YouTube Video.  For a few easy steps to start off with.  If you find you like it there are more advanced Videos on YouTube.


Morning Routines – to give you a good start for the day

There is a lot to be said about morning routines.  The way you start your day helps you all day.  

Like morning stretches, a glass of water and a good breakfast.  Will be a good start.

Some mornings it may be a bit hard if you’ve had a late night, or you’re not feeling too good.  You stagger out of bed and think to heck with routines. But other than that a routine is a good way to start.

It is very important to start the day in the right state of mind.  I start with the moment my feet touch the floor, I sit there for a few seconds to let the body get accustomed to getting up after laying down all night.  Then going to the bathroom I do a slow full body stretch before I have a wash.  I have a glass of water then I feel right to tackle the day.  Which starts with getting breakfast ready.

After breakfast, I go to my computer to work on my Website for a while, while I finish my cuppa.

Below is an extract from a fellow Blogger  “Gypsy Soul”.  I took one of her “Bloggers for Beginner Courses”.  This is part of one of her monthly round ups I signed up for.


Hello Bob

How is your Friday the 13th going? Did you wake up and immediately think today is going to be a bad day? I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on how our minds can control us and everything that happens around us. Also, how a positive mindset has a huge impact on our lives.

One thing that has helped me is to have a good morning routine. I find that by waking up right it shapes the tone for the rest of my day. I’m more able to cope with any issues that arise as I feel calm and ready for anything that life throws at me.


I hope you all get something out of that.


Inversion Table – Scheduling a Timetable

After a few weeks of owning the Inversion table, I haven’t really got into a pattern to use it. It’s not really wise to do it after eating, and they say it is a good time after some sort of exercise. I do try and do it after my walk, but by the time l have had my shower, I think I’ll do it later (if I remember!!!) or tea is usually ready. I know walk a bit earlier!!!

It really feels good after having a ten minutes stretch, I just have to get a bit more serious and work out a good time to do it and stamp it in my diary. Or my head !!!

Some of our visitors are very keen about the Inversion table, and a few have had a go. They are very surprised how good it feels. The grandsons have a play on it when they’re here. It keeps them quiet for a while.

My Stepson has just bought one now, looks like we’ve started something. We went for a drive to my sister’s place a few weeks ago, she is well in advance with her Inversion table stretches and has given me a few pointers.

I have checked out a couple of YouTube Tutorials on the Inversion tables, got a few more tips about it, which was very interesting.  Now I have motivated myself I just have to do it.

Inversion Table – in for a long stretch.


Getting back in the exercising seen, We bought this Inversion table.  I heard about them many years ago about how good they are.  Helps to relieve stress and back pain by relieving pressure on vertebrae discs and ligaments.

At the time I thought how good it would be to own one, but that was way down on my priority list so I never got around to getting one.  

Not so long ago my sister and brother in law bought one and was saying how good it is, and the benefit they were both getting already.  Now bringing it back to my memory I had second thoughts about getting one.  Sally took it one step further and played around with the Auctions online and eventually won one at a good price.

Of course, I had to try it out as soon as we got home.  I hopped on, and it slowly tilted back to a certain point then suddenly my feet went up and head down and I nearly brought my lunch up !!!  I know if all else fails read the instructions.

After reading the instructions and setting it up, surprisingly how it made a big difference.

Doing ten minutes of it at the right level made it very relaxing and I felt good when I got up.

Benefits :

  • Reduce fatigue & relax your body
  • Stimulates circulation of blood to relieve stiff muscles
  • Helps fight compression fatigue
  • Helps reduce the effect of ageing due to gravity
  • Increases body flexibility to improve athletic performance

Not suitable for people with Heart conditions.  Consult your physician before use.

P/S  I forgot, I heard it supposed to increase your height.  Might have to buy some more clothes !!!

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