Winter is here in our part of the World.

Winter is here for us and already we have had some cool nights.   Which means dig out the thicker blankets.   For me, it is important to keep warm and dry, look after your body and your body will look after you.  

Nothing like sitting in a warm lounge with feet up watching a movie on TV. Come supper time then it’s a hot cup of chocolate.   Being retired for us it’s late nights and sleep in’s.   In saying all that it makes it sound like we’re old. Hang on we are, but we are both young at heart.

Always looking for tomorrow to do something new.   We both started playing indoor bowls last week.   A bit of a challenge, so what if our ball went off the side of the mat got to learn somehow.  We all had a laugh anyway.


Thanks to “Gypsy Soul”

Just thought I’d mention the help I got setting up my blog site. I’d had a look at a few tutorials on YouTube to get an idea where to start.

Even though there was a lot of help out there and I’d read through a few, I got onto “Gypsy Soul’s” site.  I found her course to set up a blog very easy to follow.   And I set up this blog.

I’m very grateful for her help.

So if anyone else out there is thinking about starting a blog, give “Gypsy Soul” ago.

Up and Running

Now I have my blog up and running, I’m looking forward to hopefully write some interesting blogs and interact with others.

Judging by some of the blogs I’ve read, at this stage mainly to get ideas, I found some of the blogs are so long I lost interest in.  Some I didn’t even finish reading.  Which is why I’m going to try and keep my blogs short.  I certainly don’t want to bore you.




Hello World

Hi, I’m Bob, and this is my first Blog.

Welcome to my Blog. I’m a young 70+ guy enjoying a wonderful married life with Sally. We live in New Zealand.

Meet each other through Online Dating (who said it doesn’t work) in 2005 and were Married on 21st April 2007.  Had a lovely garden ceremony at our place, with around 150 guests.

After both of us having been through Marriage and relationships, we learnt what we don’t want and found a meaningful and loving relationship that we share together.

We started our journey together living on 2-1/2 acres with an Old Homestead.  Had Sheep, Chooks, Gardens and a big pond with Goldfish.

We have since then Sold and move to a Retirement Village in 2016 and loving it.

I created this Blog site so I can keep my mind active and interact with other Bloggers. Also hopefully pass on some knowledge on my passion “Health and Wellness”.  

Topics will include, Health, Weight, Running, Gym and more.