Pampering yourself with an Epsom Salt bath.

Most of my Life I’ve kept reasonably fit with Running and some Gym work. Eating good meals. etc.

December 18th, 2016 – I suffered a slight heart attack, which put me In Hospital for three days and three stents later.

June 2017 – I miss my afternoon walk, feeling alright within myself I started up again.

Now in July, I’m doing a small walk three times a week and also started doing a few exercises at home.  It makes me a bit puffed out but I feel good.

So after Friday’s walk, I soak in a hot bath for around 20 minutes, with Epsom Salts a few drops of Lavender essential oil.  I’ve read It suppose to draw out toxins and help balances your pH levels.  Anyway, I do feel good when I get out and dried and certainly feel very relaxed.