Meditation – When we are able to avoid unnecessary negative thoughts, that state is known as peaceful state. (quote)

Thought I’d just post my thoughts on Meditation.  What I know and how it helped me.

When my first marriage ended after 26years, I went through a shock period, I didn’t know at the time what to do.  I felt like giving up but that was only short lived, I pulled myself together to get on with life.  

I’d been doing Yoga for 30+ years mainly for relaxing, not getting into those awkward potions though.  But at that time it wasn’t helping me get on top of my mind, I’d heard about Meditation and how great it was, but didn’t know a thing about it.  So I got a book out of the library on it, reading through it I was waiting for something big to come out of it.  When I’d finished reading it, there was nothing in it that I didn’t already know through Yoga.

After reading another book I realised the difference.  Yoga is mainly for relaxing the mind and body if you fall off to sleep so much the better.   Where as Meditation is more of controlling the mind to stay in a fine line between consciousness and sleep while relaxing the whole body from “Top to Toe” or reverse which ever suits.   Holding yourself in a state of total emptiness.  

How did it help me?  It took me a few weeks to start getting back to my old self-using Meditation.  But I soon got myself back on top of the world again.

I still do Meditation today as it is so relaxing.  So if you’ve been thinking about it, give it a go.