Converted Online Shopper


Up to now, I’ve been a bit wary about online shopping. You hear so much about Scams and Viruses.  Makes you think twice.

But now, I’ve bitten the bullet to give it a go.  Sally has been buying a few things online and she seems to have no trouble and it all seems too easy.

Talking to a few people I was given some Sites that have been proved and tested.  Amazon seems to be very popular.  So I gave them ago and signed up.  I was amazed at the catalog options.  Anyway, to cut a long story short I bought Sally a coffee mug, to see how it would go.

It did work out to be a bit expensive with the exchange rate and the delivery costs.  That being that we live in NZ, It will be better next year (2018) as Amazon will be opening a store in Australia.  With views looking at New Zealand later on in the future.

But I was amazed how quickly it arrived.  And had no trouble with payment.

I will try out some other sites though.  See you can teach old dogs new tricks.

The Blue Persian Cat

We seem to have adopted a Cat.  A few weeks ago it started hanging around our House, getting closer and closer to the door.  It got close enough to stroke and pat, it felt quite skinny to touch so we gave it some food (I know what you’re thinking), but we couldn’t let it starve.

After asking around our Village if anyone owned it, we found out a 90+ Man had passed away and the Cat was believed to be his.

When two of the grandsons visited us and saw the Cat they called it Fluffy as it seems to have more Persian in it.  Then Sally called it Smokey, and the Cat responded, so that will be its name while it’s here, if it stays.


Music to go with Meditation

Just a little bit on Meditation Music.  I suppose everyone has their preferred music to do their Meditation, which is great. Some don’t use any at all, It’s an option.

I’ve tried both, with and without music.  Myself I prefer doing Meditation with music.

When I’m what I call doing casual Meditation, which is mainly to relax, I listen to “Native American” music.  Just love those deep drums.  

Then when I want to do a deep Meditation I listen to music by “Medwyn Goodall”, or “Jeffree Clarkson”.  Both have music so peaceful and relaxing, making it easy to get into a deep Meditation.