Converted Online Shopper


Up to now, I’ve been a bit wary about online shopping. You hear so much about Scams and Viruses.  Makes you think twice.

But now, I’ve bitten the bullet to give it a go.  Sally has been buying a few things online and she seems to have no trouble and it all seems too easy.

Talking to a few people I was given some Sites that have been proved and tested.  Amazon seems to be very popular.  So I gave them ago and signed up.  I was amazed at the catalog options.  Anyway, to cut a long story short I bought Sally a coffee mug, to see how it would go.

It did work out to be a bit expensive with the exchange rate and the delivery costs.  That being that we live in NZ, It will be better next year (2018) as Amazon will be opening a store in Australia.  With views looking at New Zealand later on in the future.

But I was amazed how quickly it arrived.  And had no trouble with payment.

I will try out some other sites though.  See you can teach old dogs new tricks.