Since my Heart Attack last December (2016) I’d stopped all my home gym work.  I wasn’t doing much though, just enough to help with my jogging and keep reasonably fit.  But I still found it hard to stop everything.

Eight months down the track, I felt good enough to start again.  I’m walking 2 – 3 times a week around 40mins with about 400m slow jog to finish.  Look out Olympics.

The Warehouse had a good sale on exercise bikes, I thought that’ll be a good way to get back in doing some gym work.  So I bought one, just finished assembling it.  Not before putting the base feet on back to front (senior moment) and having to take them off and starting again.

So now I’ve started back with some gym work.  Boy those weights seem to have got heavier in that short time.  I’ll just settle for “4 reps” of my program for now.  Using the exercise bike first to warm up is really good, I started peddling for 2ks got off the bike and felt like I had no legs, probably had the tension a bit high !!!

The next day I didn’t feel too bad, muscles weren’t that bad, so It’s onward and upwards.  It’s a bit hard at the moment to get into a routine because of the weather.  But I still feel good with what I’m doing.

So if you’re not doing anything, try a little exercise of some sort, and you’ll feel good within yourself.  Summer is on its way and if you want to get into those Speedos or Bikinis better start soon !!!