Experiencing Online Shopping

Already my online shopping is starting to grow, it is very easy and exciting.  I’m very interested in some of the Sites I’ve visited.  They all have great selections, good choices for buying family presents, nick knacks for house and garden, etc.

As I’ve mention before, the Sites I’ve been looking at have been tried and tested by friends.  Who have been using some of them for a while, with no problem.

My latest buy is these casual shoes from eBay, their service was brilliant and no “Delivery Cost”.  I didn’t take notice how long the delivery was, but it was only around two weeks which was better than I expected.  They are very comfortable shoes and I’ve always liked slip-on’s, I wear them everywhere now.

I’ve started this Online Shopping at a good time with Xmas just around the corner.  No, I won’t be buying them all with shoes. Lol

This might all sound pretty normal for some old hands, but it’s been an exciting venture for me, with more to come.