Morning Routines – to give you a good start for the day

There is a lot to be said about morning routines.  The way you start your day helps you all day.  

Like morning stretches, a glass of water and a good breakfast.  Will be a good start.

Some mornings it may be a bit hard if you’ve had a late night, or you’re not feeling too good.  You stagger out of bed and think to heck with routines. But other than that a routine is a good way to start.

It is very important to start the day in the right state of mind.  I start with the moment my feet touch the floor, I sit there for a few seconds to let the body get accustomed to getting up after laying down all night.  Then going to the bathroom I do a slow full body stretch before I have a wash.  I have a glass of water then I feel right to tackle the day.  Which starts with getting breakfast ready.

After breakfast, I go to my computer to work on my Website for a while, while I finish my cuppa.

Below is an extract from a fellow Blogger  “Gypsy Soul”.  I took one of her “Bloggers for Beginner Courses”.  This is part of one of her monthly round ups I signed up for.


Hello Bob

How is your Friday the 13th going? Did you wake up and immediately think today is going to be a bad day? I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on how our minds can control us and everything that happens around us. Also, how a positive mindset has a huge impact on our lives.

One thing that has helped me is to have a good morning routine. I find that by waking up right it shapes the tone for the rest of my day. I’m more able to cope with any issues that arise as I feel calm and ready for anything that life throws at me.


I hope you all get something out of that.


Inversion Table – Scheduling a Timetable

After a few weeks of owning the Inversion table, I haven’t really got into a pattern to use it. It’s not really wise to do it after eating, and they say it is a good time after some sort of exercise. I do try and do it after my walk, but by the time l have had my shower, I think I’ll do it later (if I remember!!!) or tea is usually ready. I know walk a bit earlier!!!

It really feels good after having a ten minutes stretch, I just have to get a bit more serious and work out a good time to do it and stamp it in my diary. Or my head !!!

Some of our visitors are very keen about the Inversion table, and a few have had a go. They are very surprised how good it feels. The grandsons have a play on it when they’re here. It keeps them quiet for a while.

My Stepson has just bought one now, looks like we’ve started something. We went for a drive to my sister’s place a few weeks ago, she is well in advance with her Inversion table stretches and has given me a few pointers.

I have checked out a couple of YouTube Tutorials on the Inversion tables, got a few more tips about it, which was very interesting.  Now I have motivated myself I just have to do it.

Inversion Table – in for a long stretch.


Getting back in the exercising seen, We bought this Inversion table.  I heard about them many years ago about how good they are.  Helps to relieve stress and back pain by relieving pressure on vertebrae discs and ligaments.

At the time I thought how good it would be to own one, but that was way down on my priority list so I never got around to getting one.  

Not so long ago my sister and brother in law bought one and was saying how good it is, and the benefit they were both getting already.  Now bringing it back to my memory I had second thoughts about getting one.  Sally took it one step further and played around with the Auctions online and eventually won one at a good price.

Of course, I had to try it out as soon as we got home.  I hopped on, and it slowly tilted back to a certain point then suddenly my feet went up and head down and I nearly brought my lunch up !!!  I know if all else fails read the instructions.

After reading the instructions and setting it up, surprisingly how it made a big difference.

Doing ten minutes of it at the right level made it very relaxing and I felt good when I got up.

Benefits :

  • Reduce fatigue & relax your body
  • Stimulates circulation of blood to relieve stiff muscles
  • Helps fight compression fatigue
  • Helps reduce the effect of ageing due to gravity
  • Increases body flexibility to improve athletic performance

Not suitable for people with Heart conditions.  Consult your physician before use.

P/S  I forgot, I heard it supposed to increase your height.  Might have to buy some more clothes !!!