Inversion Table – Scheduling a Timetable

After a few weeks of owning the Inversion table, I haven’t really got into a pattern to use it. It’s not really wise to do it after eating, and they say it is a good time after some sort of exercise. I do try and do it after my walk, but by the time l have had my shower, I think I’ll do it later (if I remember!!!) or tea is usually ready. I know walk a bit earlier!!!

It really feels good after having a ten minutes stretch, I just have to get a bit more serious and work out a good time to do it and stamp it in my diary. Or my head !!!

Some of our visitors are very keen about the Inversion table, and a few have had a go. They are very surprised how good it feels. The grandsons have a play on it when they’re here. It keeps them quiet for a while.

My Stepson has just bought one now, looks like we’ve started something. We went for a drive to my sister’s place a few weeks ago, she is well in advance with her Inversion table stretches and has given me a few pointers.

I have checked out a couple of YouTube Tutorials on the Inversion tables, got a few more tips about it, which was very interesting.  Now I have motivated myself I just have to do it.