Morning Routines – to give you a good start for the day

There is a lot to be said about morning routines.  The way you start your day helps you all day.  

Like morning stretches, a glass of water and a good breakfast.  Will be a good start.

Some mornings it may be a bit hard if you’ve had a late night, or you’re not feeling too good.  You stagger out of bed and think to heck with routines. But other than that a routine is a good way to start.

It is very important to start the day in the right state of mind.  I start with the moment my feet touch the floor, I sit there for a few seconds to let the body get accustomed to getting up after laying down all night.  Then going to the bathroom I do a slow full body stretch before I have a wash.  I have a glass of water then I feel right to tackle the day.  Which starts with getting breakfast ready.

After breakfast, I go to my computer to work on my Website for a while, while I finish my cuppa.

Below is an extract from a fellow Blogger  “Gypsy Soul”.  I took one of her “Bloggers for Beginner Courses”.  This is part of one of her monthly round ups I signed up for.


Hello Bob

How is your Friday the 13th going? Did you wake up and immediately think today is going to be a bad day? I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on how our minds can control us and everything that happens around us. Also, how a positive mindset has a huge impact on our lives.

One thing that has helped me is to have a good morning routine. I find that by waking up right it shapes the tone for the rest of my day. I’m more able to cope with any issues that arise as I feel calm and ready for anything that life throws at me.


I hope you all get something out of that.