Spring Season – The waking up of Nature and putting a spring in your step

Spring –

It’s now nearly at the end of Spring in our neck of the woods.  Not that you would know going by the weather.  As I write this it is another wet day.  Being in Daylight saving we can see it a bit longer!!! Just a thought.

It’s been great to see all the blossoms on trees as you drive around the countryside, knowing summer is just around the corner.  The newborn animals in the paddocks.  The starlings have some chicks up in the birdhouse in the backyard, the parents are in and out with little bits of food in their mouths.

Even the weeds know it’s getting warmer as they dance around saying look at me.  These days for me it is getting down on a cushion to pull the blighters out.  I might try some spraying this year in some places.  

Just finished spring cleaning one of the gardens, pulling out weeds adding a little top dressing with some mulch.  Planted out a few plants that were growing in pots.  

Three fruit trees I planted a few months ago are all in buds, so they have taken off alright.

Getting into the Mood –

Now is also a good time to get into the mood of sharpening up those muscles and things.  To get ready for those BBQ parties and Dancing.  Also good for the spirit and mind.

Try something new, if you can’t go to a gym (can be a bit expensive) there are a few things you can do at home.  You can do a lot of exercises with a couple of dumbbells and a skipping rope.  

A walk or jog is always a good thing, starting with 10min and working up.  Even 40min walk three times a week can make a difference to you feeling great.


Tai Chi –

Also if you ever thought about doing Tai Chi, have a look at this YouTube Video.  For a few easy steps to start off with.  If you find you like it there are more advanced Videos on YouTube.