In case you been wondering

Hi all,

Just a quick Post to keep you up to speed.

I’ve been busy reorganizing my “Blog Site” and the way I send my “Posts”.  The plan is to make it easier to read my Posts and get to my Blog Site if you want to read previous Posts or just have a look around. We all seem to have a busy life the older we get so hopefully this will make it quicker to get into.   

I’ve added some online shopping links to my Blog Site.  Maybe a bit late for some online sites for this Xmas but they are there for future shopping. I see Amazon is operating in Australia now, which will make it a bit cheaper to buy through them. But all Sites have their good and bad points, it’s all about what you’re looking for really.

Hope you are all getting that Xmas tree up and getting into the Xmas spirit. Ho Ho Ho!!!