Merry Xmas to All

Well, the silly season is here, make the most of it because it comes and goes.  So what if you eat a little bit more over the next few of weeks.  You’ve got all next year to work it off.  Enjoy yourself have a drink on me.  Let’s hope the weather holds off. Those going to family Dinners hope you have a good catch up.

And all the best for the coming New Year.  Hope you all have made some good resolutions.

I’ll make this my last Post for the year, see you in the New Year.


To finish off here’s a little something to think about.

Stiffening of your joints –

I read this article in a woman’s magazine the other day about suffering from stiff joints as we get older, and thought it to be very interesting.  So I would like to pass some of its content on to you.  

Getting up in the morning –

After you’ve been lying still for hours, the synovial fluid is less effective and, as a result, your joints are likely to feel stiff and sore the first time you try to move them.  Doing a few gentle exercises in bed (I think they mean stretches there) before you get up can help,

Your joints are suffering from wear and tear –

Over the years, joints can get worn down simply by being used.  This is known as osteoarthritis.  It occurs when the cartilage that stops bones rubbing together is worn away so that the bones end up touching each other, causing pain.  It can be worse if you have suffered an injury or are overweight.

Medication helps with pain and swelling, in severe cases, damage joint can be replaced.,