And it’s a “Happy New Year” from me

Happy New Year everybody, and as always we all wish for a better Year this year.  Not that last year was all that bad, but we always look for improvement, by improving on what we did last year.  Maybe looking for a new challenge.  

It’s good to start the year with an open and fresh mind, knowing that we have a whole year of set activities to go through.



Hope you’ve all made a list of new year’s resolutions, and accept the challenge to carry them out.  As we all start off with good intentions, a few of our lists seem to drop off.

This is my List –

  • To do more regular exercises
  • Get back doing Tai Chi
  • Eat a bit healthier
  • Improve my “Post” writing
  • Drink more water
  • Work on a saving plan



My Niche is in Health and Fitness –

As you might know, my niche is in health and fitness.  So getting out of my comfort zone where I only did exercise when I could fit them in, which made it easy to let them go by.   I’m going to set a more regular programme and stick to it.

I tried on a pair of trousers the other day that I hadn’t worn for a while but they have seemed to have shrunk in the wardrobe!!!.  I don’t know if putting on an extra 4k’s has anything to do with it!!!.  So as you can see it is a must to get into a good exercise program.  

I checked out some programmes on YouTube, and as I have a bit of a sore shoulder I found this Stretching Exercise to be good.  It is very easy to follow, very straightforward and of great benefit.  As the guy in the Video says just start at your level and work up.  This might suit some of you, but there are many exercise and stretching program on YouTube to choose from.

I hope this has helped motivate you to get into it.  So we’ll all be Fit, Healthy, Fighting Machines in months to come.


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