Since my Heart Attack last December (2016) I’d stopped all my home gym work.  I wasn’t doing much though, just enough to help with my jogging and keep reasonably fit.  But I still found it hard to stop everything.

Eight months down the track, I felt good enough to start again.  I’m walking 2 – 3 times a week around 40mins with about 400m slow jog to finish.  Look out Olympics.

The Warehouse had a good sale on exercise bikes, I thought that’ll be a good way to get back in doing some gym work.  So I bought one, just finished assembling it.  Not before putting the base feet on back to front (senior moment) and having to take them off and starting again.

So now I’ve started back with some gym work.  Boy those weights seem to have got heavier in that short time.  I’ll just settle for “4 reps” of my program for now.  Using the exercise bike first to warm up is really good, I started peddling for 2ks got off the bike and felt like I had no legs, probably had the tension a bit high !!!

The next day I didn’t feel too bad, muscles weren’t that bad, so It’s onward and upwards.  It’s a bit hard at the moment to get into a routine because of the weather.  But I still feel good with what I’m doing.

So if you’re not doing anything, try a little exercise of some sort, and you’ll feel good within yourself.  Summer is on its way and if you want to get into those Speedos or Bikinis better start soon !!!



Converted Online Shopper


Up to now, I’ve been a bit wary about online shopping. You hear so much about Scams and Viruses.  Makes you think twice.

But now, I’ve bitten the bullet to give it a go.  Sally has been buying a few things online and she seems to have no trouble and it all seems too easy.

Talking to a few people I was given some Sites that have been proved and tested.  Amazon seems to be very popular.  So I gave them ago and signed up.  I was amazed at the catalog options.  Anyway, to cut a long story short I bought Sally a coffee mug, to see how it would go.

It did work out to be a bit expensive with the exchange rate and the delivery costs.  That being that we live in NZ, It will be better next year (2018) as Amazon will be opening a store in Australia.  With views looking at New Zealand later on in the future.

But I was amazed how quickly it arrived.  And had no trouble with payment.

I will try out some other sites though.  See you can teach old dogs new tricks.

The Blue Persian Cat

We seem to have adopted a Cat.  A few weeks ago it started hanging around our House, getting closer and closer to the door.  It got close enough to stroke and pat, it felt quite skinny to touch so we gave it some food (I know what you’re thinking), but we couldn’t let it starve.

After asking around our Village if anyone owned it, we found out a 90+ Man had passed away and the Cat was believed to be his.

When two of the grandsons visited us and saw the Cat they called it Fluffy as it seems to have more Persian in it.  Then Sally called it Smokey, and the Cat responded, so that will be its name while it’s here, if it stays.


Music to go with Meditation

Just a little bit on Meditation Music.  I suppose everyone has their preferred music to do their Meditation, which is great. Some don’t use any at all, It’s an option.

I’ve tried both, with and without music.  Myself I prefer doing Meditation with music.

When I’m what I call doing casual Meditation, which is mainly to relax, I listen to “Native American” music.  Just love those deep drums.  

Then when I want to do a deep Meditation I listen to music by “Medwyn Goodall”, or “Jeffree Clarkson”.  Both have music so peaceful and relaxing, making it easy to get into a deep Meditation.

Meditation – When we are able to avoid unnecessary negative thoughts, that state is known as peaceful state. (quote)

Thought I’d just post my thoughts on Meditation.  What I know and how it helped me.

When my first marriage ended after 26years, I went through a shock period, I didn’t know at the time what to do.  I felt like giving up but that was only short lived, I pulled myself together to get on with life.  

I’d been doing Yoga for 30+ years mainly for relaxing, not getting into those awkward potions though.  But at that time it wasn’t helping me get on top of my mind, I’d heard about Meditation and how great it was, but didn’t know a thing about it.  So I got a book out of the library on it, reading through it I was waiting for something big to come out of it.  When I’d finished reading it, there was nothing in it that I didn’t already know through Yoga.

After reading another book I realised the difference.  Yoga is mainly for relaxing the mind and body if you fall off to sleep so much the better.   Where as Meditation is more of controlling the mind to stay in a fine line between consciousness and sleep while relaxing the whole body from “Top to Toe” or reverse which ever suits.   Holding yourself in a state of total emptiness.  

How did it help me?  It took me a few weeks to start getting back to my old self-using Meditation.  But I soon got myself back on top of the world again.

I still do Meditation today as it is so relaxing.  So if you’ve been thinking about it, give it a go.

Pampering yourself with an Epsom Salt bath.

Most of my Life I’ve kept reasonably fit with Running and some Gym work. Eating good meals. etc.

December 18th, 2016 – I suffered a slight heart attack, which put me In Hospital for three days and three stents later.

June 2017 – I miss my afternoon walk, feeling alright within myself I started up again.

Now in July, I’m doing a small walk three times a week and also started doing a few exercises at home.  It makes me a bit puffed out but I feel good.

So after Friday’s walk, I soak in a hot bath for around 20 minutes, with Epsom Salts a few drops of Lavender essential oil.  I’ve read It suppose to draw out toxins and help balances your pH levels.  Anyway, I do feel good when I get out and dried and certainly feel very relaxed.

Warm Water or Cold Water- Which is Better for Us?


This is Part of an article I read a while back, I thought it might be of interest. I know my Mum used to drink warm water when I was a little Boy, Ha.

Warm Water or Cold Water- Which is Better for Us?

How do you start your day? Do you drink a glass of cold water, or maybe a cup of warm tea or hot coffee? Drinking water in the mornings brings a number of health benefits.  However, whether to drink cold or hot water?

It looks like that a glass of warm water on an empty stomach is way better for health in general.

Promotes Blood Circulation

Drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach is going to promote blood circulation.  According to a research, exposing the body to warmer temperature leads to significant improvements in the blood flow.  If you want to promote blood flow, you need to warm your body from the inside.

Drinking cold water is harmful to our health for the following reasons:

In order to use it, the body has to warm the water, thus expanding energy.

The blood vessels constrict upon drinking cold water.  This reduces its absorbability and it’s hydrating.

Cold water makes food digestion harder.  This happens as a consequence of solidified fats.




Winter is here in our part of the World.

Winter is here for us and already we have had some cool nights.   Which means dig out the thicker blankets.   For me, it is important to keep warm and dry, look after your body and your body will look after you.  

Nothing like sitting in a warm lounge with feet up watching a movie on TV. Come supper time then it’s a hot cup of chocolate.   Being retired for us it’s late nights and sleep in’s.   In saying all that it makes it sound like we’re old. Hang on we are, but we are both young at heart.

Always looking for tomorrow to do something new.   We both started playing indoor bowls last week.   A bit of a challenge, so what if our ball went off the side of the mat got to learn somehow.  We all had a laugh anyway.


Thanks to “Gypsy Soul”

Just thought I’d mention the help I got setting up my blog site. I’d had a look at a few tutorials on YouTube to get an idea where to start.

Even though there was a lot of help out there and I’d read through a few, I got onto “Gypsy Soul’s” site.  I found her course to set up a blog very easy to follow.  http://eepurl.com/b1pTZr   And I set up this blog.

I’m very grateful for her help.

So if anyone else out there is thinking about starting a blog, give “Gypsy Soul” ago.

Up and Running

Now I have my blog up and running, I’m looking forward to hopefully write some interesting blogs and interact with others.

Judging by some of the blogs I’ve read, at this stage mainly to get ideas, I found some of the blogs are so long I lost interest in.  Some I didn’t even finish reading.  Which is why I’m going to try and keep my blogs short.  I certainly don’t want to bore you.